Here is some questions you may want to ask your photographers before hiring

Wedding Photographer Packages in South Africa


What should I consider when looking at wedding photographer packages in SA? Are you wondering how you are going to pick the best wedding photographer in South Africa and one that fits your budget and personality. Unsure of what you want and not even sure where to start?

Well luckily, we have a few tips to help settle your doubts and assist in finding the best wedding photographer Packages in South Africa.


The experience of the photographer

When looking at wedding photographer packages, bear in mind that a photographer plays a large part in the organization and structure of your wedding day. Their roles include coordinator, photographer, master of ceremonies and children’s entertainer. Taking the actual photos is a small part of being a photographer. We often underestimate the importance and responsibility of the photographer and without the necessary experience and ability to perform under constant pressure, the important moments may be easily missed.

Look for wedding photographer packages where you  that you have seen the photographer in action at a wedding venue. This isn’t necessary, but your photographer must show willingness to meet at the venue regularly, exploring the best photo locations and opportunities as well as take some time to run through some of the structures of the day. It is also good for the photographer to meet with the venue proprietor / wedding coordinator and to make sure that everyone is clear in the days agenda from start to finish.

It is very important to ask your photographer how many weddings they had done and how long they have been in this business. This will help you determine the experience they gained. You may want to check out their work over the a few years. This way you could see how their style has grown with the times and will meet the expectations of a modern-day bride and groom.

Quality of your wedding photos.

Firstly – Search on Google or Facebook for photographers in your area and browse through their portfolios. Photographers always use creativity and imagination to create the perfect scene and vibe, and that is how they capture the beauty of all things around them. Each photographer usually has a different approoach to setting up their wedding photographer packages, and a set style of capturing and transforming the personalities and emotions of you and your loved ones during these photoshoots. Be clear and concise on what style suits you and then consult with your chosen Photographer to ensure they can deliver on your needs.

If there are Photographers that you are drawn to, request additional images, that are not displayed on their website or social media. Make sure that you look at the image quality and that it is consistent throughout.

Above all, the style of the images they provide, should also fit your personal style. Looking back at your wedding day, your photos should encapsulate all the love and happiness that you felt. Make sure that you do your homework and shop around for the perfect wedding photographers packages in South Africa.

The personality and connection

You put a lot of faith and trust in your photographer to capture your big day.

Before you put your mind to a specific wedding photographer package It is very important to feel comfortable in the photographers presence, because they will be everywhere, capturing every beautiful moment that you and your partner will have.

Typically, you can tell within the first five minutes of your first meeting with this photographer, whether you feel a rapport or connection. First impressions are important!

You should be able to strike a bond with your photographer at the first meeting. If you feel uncomfortable around your photographer, for whatever reason, this will be apparent in your wedding photos.

So make sure that you pick the right one, because the photographer will not only be around you, but also around your guests.

Make sure that your photographer is approachable, friendly, and down to earth. Your guests will also feel at ease and will allow the photographer to blend in and capture the day as it naturally unfolds, rather that forcing it.

Make sure that you meet your photographer a few times and go over their wedding photographer packages and learn a bit about them and their way of work.

After a few meetings, decide if they are the perfect photographer to capture your dream day. And only then, confirm your booking with them.


Wedding Photographer Packages in South Africa

Your Budget can often be a deciding factor for a lot of brides and grooms. And although it is a vital element, it should never be the basis of deciding on wedding photographer packages..

High-end prices do not always guarantee you the best and highest quality, but also reasonable pricing does not always depict low quality.

Some of the best wedding photographers in South Africa will always be open about their pricing structures and in return you should be clear on your budget expectations.

A clear dialogue from the onset, will resolve this, because no one wants to waste time going back and forth over costs. Photographers are flexible with their pricing and what their packages could include.

Make sure that your photographer designs wedding photographer packages that suits your needs and expectations. If you are unsure what package you want, ask the photographer to give a detailed explanation of what will be included.

And with this information, the photographer can also assist you to pick the right wedding photographer packages, that fits your needs and budget.

Remember to always ask about any hidden extras. Some photographers charge an additional fee for editing, VAT, creating artwork for an album, or even for travel and food expenses. Make always sure that you get a detailed quote before entering in to any contractual agreement.


Listen for recommendations or word of mouth to find the best wedding photographer packages in South Africa

Frequently, booking a photographer, will come through recommendations from previous clients and word of mouth. Some of your friends and family might have used a photographer and where happy with the quality of the photos in the wedding photographer package and the professional and friendly service they received.

The chances that you will also be happy with the quality of this photographer’s photos, is very good. Yet again, this should not be the main reason for your choice of photographer but should be the final piece of the jigsaw. Speak to your friends about their experience with their photographer and get some tips and advice from them. Also consider their advice, when choosing the perfect photographer.

If your friends and family cannot help you, you can always ask recommendations via social media. Use this information to do detailed research afterwards.



The best wedding photographers in South Africa will always be able to give you a testimonial from previous clients.

Sometimes they will even provide you with their contact details so that you can ask them yourself and with this information you can choose whether you want to use this photographer.


These top tips are all very important and will help you to choose the best wedding photographer in South Africa, but more importantly the correct photographer for you.