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Welcome to our Portfolio

Karen Pretorius Photography is Wedding photographers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gauteng and South Africa.

Photography  is a venture that I wanted to start since I can remember… I see in still images, and I wanted the world to see it with me!

We live for romantic, authentic moments between our couples, we LOVE the natural spontaneous interactions – the real thing. 

 Our style can be described as documentary , fine – art, ethereal,  moody and  dramatic. We love taking inspiration from historical Renaissance and Baroque art movements.

Since photography is a two-dimensional activity, we strive to use linear perspectives to create a three-dimensional look.

To get this look, we take inspiration from the Renaissance art movement in creating a sense of  distance and depth in all our images, combined with the classical idealism of the Baroque with a greater emphasis on drama, we seek to evoke emotional states, using strong color schemes.

We only shoot with prime lenses on the wedding  day and the best equipment on the market. Prime lenses are specialized to achieve a certain look and lots of dreamy depth and give you very sharp images.

Shooting only with prime lenses is what gets our signature style. It is very tricky to shoot only with prime lenses on a wedding day, and so most photographers prefer to shoot with zoom lenses.  It is a skill gained that will set your images apart from most wedding galleries. 

Having a strong artistic background in painting with oils, pastel, and charcoal, there is a different approach and outcome to each session. I use my skills gained and techniques learned, to create an art piece with you, your family, your romance, as my main subject.

We are forever chasing light and pushing boundaries when it comes to wedding images. 

Although we are wedding photographers in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng ,we love to travel and will shoot locally and internationally.

We look forward to meeting you!